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Menieres is known by several names. Officially, it's called Meniere's Syndrome. I like to call it a Disease, or Dis-ease.

A Must read by Dr. Tim Hain, Professor of Neurology, Otolaryngology at Northwestern University, Chicago   Meniere's Dis-ease

Is there a cure for Menieres? - Click here for an answer from Dr Hain's website.

Here is some information you may find useful:

If you would like a way to keep track of your epiosodes, click here for a Symptom Log
(Print this out and make several copies. You can use them to take to your Dr.)

What causes Meniere's Dis-ease?  Click here

Also from Dr. Hain's website - learn about the Hydrops Diet

A national support group of hundreds of Meniere's sufferers - Menieres.org

A really good Menieres Resource Site - Menieres Resource

Info on Vestibular Disorders - VEDA

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