Pinehaven, Phoenix Arizona

Current Owners - Cindy & Jeff Ratkovich

Kathy and I built this house in 1990 as an authentic reproduction of the Richard Dole-Little house in Annisqualm, Connecticut, which was originally built in 1670, remodeled in 1795 and is still lived in today. It was common to name houses then and we named ours Pinehaven after the many pine trees we planted on the property. The tree behind the flag pole, however, is an Australian Willow.

We have very fond memories of this house and the effort it took to build. We did extensive research on the period before we built. We tried to reproduce as much as possible in the middle of the Sonoran desert. It has 4 Rumford fireplaces, all eastern white pine flooring, doors with thumblatch handles, antique lighting fixtures and much more.

Click here to read an article I wrote in the late 1990's discussing saltboxes and what it took to build this house.


These pics were taken of Cindy on Flag Day 2012 and the flag is the same one we flew
during the 6 years we lived there. It is a replica of the 1795 flag, with 15 stars & stripes,
just after Kentucky joined the union in 1792.

Pictures from when we lived there between 1990 and 1996.

The Real Estate flyer from when we sold in 1996

The Front Door. Circa sign we bought in Annapolis, Md. The bulls-eye glass is from Ohio

The Inside Front Entry facing the Dining Room door.
The front door is ajar.

The Keeping Room. We cooked in the pot and baked in the oven to the right.
The ceiling light is touch-on. The mantle is an 8x8" beam from a barn in southern Ohio, circa 1900.
The structure beside the fireplace is called a "chimney cupboard".
The pine cupboard on the right is from Connecticut, circa 1910.

Another shot of the Keeping Room. Left board&batten door to the upstairs, the other to the backyard

The Library. One of 4 Rumford fireplaces in the house, built by Buckley Rumford Co
in Port Townsend, Wa. All the floors throughout the house are 12-23" wide eastern
white pine from Connecticut, laid with common cut nails in a random patten.

The Master Bedroom. I made the chair. The bed was made in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The wood is southern yellow pine salvaged from an old gin mill in Orange, Tx.
The quilt was hand-made by an Amish lady in Shipshawanna, Indiana. We picked out the colors and
Ohio Star pattern and commissioned her to hand-stitch it over the winter and ship to us in the spring.

Another in the Master Bedroom. The blanket box is from the Connecticut River Valley, circa 1870.
The double wedding ring quilt was made by a friend.