On the way to Port Isaac, we stopped at Launceston. It was Kathy's favorite and we spent 2 days here.
If it seems like we spent a lot of time in pubs...it's because we did.
The food and beer were great and so were all the people we met.

Tom gassing up at a petrol station...gas was 1 pound 18 per litre or roughly $6.20 / gal

Another day, another pub... the Bell Inn

The bar in the Bell

Whats on Tap here?

Another pub...the White Hart

Dinner at the White Hart

Kathy's dinner...the special...Cod filet w/veges

We made friends with the owners of this shop - Rob & Max Towl
I bought a great placque here..."The Older I get the Better I was"
Thanks, ladies, for all your help.

Next door was a Launderette where we did our laundry

We spent two nights at the Eagle House Hotel

The Launceston Castle

About the castle...

Whats left of the main gate

Steps to the Main Keep

A view of the countryside from the Keep

A local Launceston church outside of the South Gate