We went to Wallingford to see some Midsomer Murder filming
locations, but they were all gone but two.

One-lane construction zone...controlled by lights. What a concept.

The Corn Exchange building was used in one of the Midsomer episodes

So was this building

Town Square. The yellow building is the Courthouse

St. Marys Church

I found the Marmite and Lemon Curd in a market

We made friends with Pat and Alec Hayton, simply by chance.
They invited us to stay the night when we couldn't find a room.

Back Garden

Back Garden

Back Garden

This used to be the Post Office...now a restaurant. The four of us had dinner here.

Their upstairs bathroom

A wonderful kitchen

Tom and Alec discussing important matters

The outside of their complex. The door on the right is theirs

Two wonderful people who saved us from the cold one night...